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One of the challenges that Mortgage and Finance Brokers face in the industry is knowing the intricacies of every lender credit policy. In addition, the response time for Lender BDMs or Lender Credit Teams to get back to your query varies from lender to lender, sometimes this can delay your client’s lending submission for assessment.

By using Wikibroker and or Wikibroker Concierge, you can focus on personal development and generating more business.

Wikibroker includes the following:

  • Search: the Lenders policies, you can restrict it to specific lenders only if you choose
  • Calculators: LMI and Stamp Duty
  • Documents:
    • Discharge Forms
    • Application Forms
    • Lender Manuals
    • Servicing Calculators
    • Updates
  • Serviceability: Lender Calculators
  • Products: Lender Products
  • Contacts: Lender Contacts
  • Widgets: Product Comparison Tool
  • Concierge: more information below

Wikibroker Credit Concierge

Wikibroker Credit Concierge solves problems like waiting for Lender BDMs or Lender Credit Teams to get back to you by giving you access to a dedicated credit specialist, who will assist you with lending policy queries and more complicated loan scenarios. After being informed of your clients scenario, our credit concierge will provide you with policy solutions and recommendations on which different lenders could be best suited for loan approval.

For more information, or to sign up to our Credit Concierge Service please send an enquiry email to [email protected]