Event Register

The Events Register page will enable you to:

  • Join an Event organised by Finsure – this will be most commonly used for upcoming webinar registration
  • Add an Event that you participated - to capture and record your CPD Hours

Your Events / CPD Register page enables you to record all educational events that you attend or complete that are eligible for CPD hours (also commonly known as points), examples include:

  • Professional Activities greater than 3 hours:
    • Seminars: Better Business Summit; MFAA Annual Roadshow; FBAA Annual Conference
    • Technical Training:Infynity Platform Educational Masterclass
    • Relevant Qualifications: Diploma Upgrade

  • Professional Activities less than 3 hours:
    • Lender Workshops: Masterclasses; Morning Tea, Scheduled BDM meetings
    • Reading: The Adviser publication, The Financial Review
    • Watching: Webinars hosted by Finsure, Lenders or Finance Profession Entities
    • Listening: Podcasts hosted by Finsure, Lenders or Finance Profession Entities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours are awarded to appropriate activities on a 1:1 ratio, this means 1 hour of learning equates to 1 CPD hour. MFAA and FBAA members holding loan writing status are required to maintain a minimum number of CPD hours each year. In order to meet your obligations by the relevant industry bodies you must maintain:

  • MFAA = 30 points : members are required to complete 30 CPD points/hours per annum
  • FBAA = 25 points : members are required to complete 25 CPD points/hours per annum

Finsure will continue to host Lender Educational Masterclasses regularly and FBAA CPD Hour codes will be issued. This code is valid if you are a FBAA or MFAA member. It is highly recommended that Brokers diligently record their CPD hours on a continual and regular basis.

Join Event

Clicking 'Join Event' enables you to Join Event, this is used primiraly for upcoming webinar registration. Select from the Event options that will be available, as shown below.

Add Event

Clicking 'Add Event' also enables you to Add Event, this is used to record your CPD Hours, as shown below.

You are required to complete the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Event Venue: where was the event hosted
  • Event Organiser: Who organised the event and the FBAA CPD code allocated
  • State | Date | Start Time | End Time
  • CPD Hours

CPD Record Form

To renew your annual membership with MFAA and FBAA you are required to provide evidence of your completed activities and how you have obtained your CPD hours for the 12-month membership period (not calendar or financial year).

Click on the 'Print' button to create your Continuing Professional Development Record Form to provide as evidence, the record form includes the date range that you nominate as shown: