Brokers need to be accredited with a lender or provider to be able to use their products and services for their clients and to receive payment from that lender or provider.

The onboarding requirements and process to become accredited with lenders and service providers varies. Each lender or service provider will issue the Broker with a unique Accreditation Number and in some cases a User ID and password to enable you to access their online portals.

This Infynity screen enables you to easily identify who you hold current Accreditations with:

Compliance Documents

One the same page is your Broker Compliance Documents currently held and their renewal date (if applicable) as shown:

If you need to apply for Accreditation for a Lender of Service Provider that you do not currently have access to, please email [email protected] with your details and a Finsure Broker Support team member will assist you by organising the request with the specific lender/s that you require