In your Contacts tab you can view all of your contacts in one location. You have four options to filter the results of your view, the options are:

  • All Contacts: all Contacts
  • Contacts: anyone that you enter that is not a Client or Lender contact ie, Dentist, Conveyancer, School P&C, Lender support staff other than the contact details Finsure manages under the Lender tab below
  • Clients: your client’s
  • Lenders: this section is managed by Finsure and cannot be edited.

Add a New Contact

To add a new Contact, enter the available information that you have access to, the fields available are:

  • First Name and Surname
  • Company and Job Title
  • Email Address and Mobile Number
  • Home Phone and Work Phone
  • Address and Notes.


Shortcut: enter an existing Client’s name in the search bar at the top of the page next to your name to do a quick search as shown: