Create Campaign

This function is used to find your clients who meet specified criteria, you can extract a client list for:

  • Reporting
  • Email Campaigns
  • SMS broadcasts

Filter Recipients

The following fields can be used to determine the group of clients you would like to view on the screen:

  • Client Profile: this pulls the data from the defined set of categories you have already created and assigned to your contacts. This function will search the Primary Client status selected and also the additional statuses selected in the Contact Info tab.
  • Referrer: this filters the data to clients with a particular Referrer
  • Lender: this filters the data to clients with a particular lender
  • Status: this filters the data based on the loan application status
  • From: this filters the data based on the date range that you specify

A completed example could look like this:

Once you have made your selections, click on ‘Review Records’ button. This will reveal your results.

Email Campaign

As shown below, an example of a simple Email Campaign to email all clients who have an application at the Unconditionally Approved status:

When the data is extracted, you have the option to de-select individual clients if required with the green tick boxes. You can choose to select all or deselect to select only those required (sometimes only one applicant in a joint application will prefer to receive the communication from you).

SMS Broadcast

To send a bulk campaign message via Infynity, select the SMS Broadcast radio button. Start typing the details of your campaign, you can also insert their name by clicking on ‘First Name Merge Field’. Once completed, click ‘Preview’ to view a sample of the SMS Message before sending to the clients.